18 years of experience with Photovoltaic Energy Generation and 13 years of experience with Wind Power Generation

Luxel manages projects from start to finish

Luxel manages all and every aspect of the administrative and contractual processes that are necessary for the building of, the grid-connection of, and the site management of Photovoltaic generation installations.

So that every project wins public support, all the parties involved with or concerned by the site are consulted right from the start.

Luxel gives priority to sustainable development considerations and makes every effort to respect the requirements of all local economic, agricultural and tourism activities. Find out more

Luxel takes charge of the organisation and of the attendant engineering in every projects.

We draw up whatever made-to-measure technical solutions are necessary for the integration of a project within its location, for any grid requirements, and according to any administrative constraints.

Appropriate environmental landscaping is implemented after consultation with a landscape designer and any local interests.

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Luxel can provide the finance necessary for Generating Sites either from its own resources or from external third-parties such as private or institutional investors

Our expansion is built on the know-how we have accumulated over the last 15 years in handling numerous photovoltaic projects all around the world.

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The successful implementation of large-scale installations requires a high level of expertise, whether it is regarding their organisation and their planning, their logistics, but also in the choice of the technical solutions retained, the associated risk and safety management, and the mastery of dead-line schedules for industrial commissioning.

Through its experience in France, Germany, Southern Europe, and on the American continent, Luxel has the experience to manage the engineering , the consultative processes, the supply and procurement, the construction site management, the commissioning and the start-up processes associated with any Generating Site. Find out more

Luxel has the service and the contracts required to enable the proper management of any generating site throughout its complete life-cycle.

Our integrated technical and commercial departements take charge of the complete management of a site, including all accounting, guarantee, and insurance issues, as well as all technical maintenance.

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