The LUXEL teams are regularly commissioned by French and international organisations to provide a critical analysis of ongoing projects.

The analysis focuses on balances between the technical choices, feasibility in terms of development, or the ability of the projects to find partners at the funding stage.

All the decisive factors are evaluated drawing on the expertise of the workforce and recorded in a detailed report.

Dynamic and competitive, LUXEL assists you in the development of your projects. You will benefit from our technical and financial expertise, as well as our experience in implementation.

Based on your requirements, projects are processed and analysed in great detail by various departments. LUXEL has internalised all the key project competencies, which gives it a valuable insight and enables it to take account of the constraints and challenges of the different phases in order to arrive at a conclusion.

Some examples of audit interventions :

  • Project compatibility audit with territorial regulations: Territorial coherence programme (SCOT) – Local Urban Planning – PV Areas – Regional development plans, etc.
  • Technical validity and project optimisation engineering
  • Assistance to Project Owner and certificate of compliance
  • Technical and administrative connection services
  • Development of building permit files
  • Technical expertise within the context of litigation
  • Monitoring and acceptance report for industrial commissioning

Audit reports present the conclusions of these analyses and propose corrective or additional actions enabling the principal to optimise or secure its projects before proceeding with them.