LUXEL carries out the analysis and evaluation of sites, consultation with local authorities, the lease or purchase of land, the design, technical and administrative development, financing and construction of power plants.

LUXEL conducts all the studies and processes itself at its own expense. We have a contractual commitment with you and we are responsible for the progress of the project.

Acting as independent power producer, LUXEL finances all the photovoltaic structures that it constructs.

A long term lease is signed with the landowner of the ground. This lease enables LUXEL to construct and operate a power plant for a minimum period of 20 years and reimburse the landowner for the use of their asset.

The development and construction processes are relatively long and highly regulated.
Tight control and perfect command of the environmental, technical and financial challenges are crucial to the successful outcome of the project.

Preferential conditions
Flat ground with good exposure to sunlight
Ground available more than 20 years
Industrial wasteland, Former quarries, Waste reception centres, Gravel pits, Land unsuitable for agriculture, Polluted land


The Development department includes an Environmental Impact Study unit. LUXEL’s environmentalists are in direct contact with project managers and cartographers in order to evaluate and carry out the projects with the least environment impact. They draw up the impact studies, follow the instructions of building permits and environmental monitoring during the operation of power plants.


Turn-key project

LUXEL manages all stages of the project and carries out all the necessary steps. Our team of experts ensure the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the photovoltaic installation.


Coordinating all the stages of the development of a project, LUXEL ensures you fully benefit from the synergistic effects. This means you only need one contact person!


With more than 315 MWc of commissioned power plants, LUXEL has developed recognised expertise.


100% of building permits applied for by LUXEL have been obtained and 100% of projects conducted by LUXEL have been financed and constructed on schedule.
Our ability to complete projects within the shortest possible period of time is a real plus for the successful outcome of your photovoltaic project.


By providing some of the assets for the construction of a photovoltaic power plant, you can benefit from a regular and contractually guaranteed supplementary income, or equipment that you can use. You can then permanently pursue and stabilise your main activity.


LUXEL undertakes to pay an eco-contribution to PV CYCLE, the association approved by the government to organise the treatment and recycling of used photovoltaic panels.